Campus Alberta Neuroscience (CAN) is a province-wide network of ~250 research professionals working in neuroscience and mental health: from early brain development to Alzheimer’s and from foundational biological research to clinical, therapeutic and system application of new knowledge.

CAN is designed to deliver significant, positive, measureable and lasting impact through the generation and translation of knowledge. CAN's aim is to establish the province of Alberta as a centre of neuroscience excellence, impact and innovation on the international stage. CAN is led by a steering committee from the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge.

Campus Alberta Neuroscience's goals are to:

  • FACILITATE NEW COLLABORATIONS, enhance existing collaborations and integrate neuroscience research and education activities across Alberta

  • ENHANCE OUR ABILITY TO ATTRACT THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST neuroscience researchers and trainees to Alberta

  • NETWORK THE NEUROSCIENCE COMMUNITY AND STAKEHOLDERS to accelerate the development of new biomedical technologies and effectively translate research discoveries into new neurological and mental health solutions

University of Calgary University of Lethbridge University of Alberta



Consolidating Consciousness

The permanence of memories has long been thought to be mediated solely by the production of new proteins. However, new research from the University of Alberta has shown that the electrical activity of the brain may be a more primary factor in memory solid



Healthy Brain Aging and Dementia Researchers Meet to Connect Nationally and Globally

The international conference, Promoting Healthy Brain Aging and Preventing Dementia: Research and Translation, brought together Alberta researchers and world-renowned experts in dementia research to discuss healthy brain aging, delaying or preventing deme


Internship Opportunities Available

Campus Alberta Neuroscience is working to bring new internship placement opportunities to our partners and neuroscience and mental health graduate students at our partner institutions, the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge.