Wayne Giles


University of Calgary


[email protected]

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Multiple Sclerosis

Most Cited Publications

Ni H, Whittaker DG, Wang W, Giles WR, Narayan SM, Zhang H, "Synergistic Anti-arrhythmic Effects in Human Atria with Combined Use of Sodium Blockers and Acacetin." Frontiers in physiology 8, (2017): 946
Koivumäki JT, Clark RB, Belke D, Kondo C, Fedak PW, Maleckar MM, Giles WR, "Na(+) current expression in human atrial myofibroblasts: identity and functional roles." Frontiers in physiology 5, (2014): 275
Kurita T, Yamamura H, Suzuki Y, Giles WR, Imaizumi Y, "The ClC-7 Chloride Channel Is Downregulated by Hypoosmotic Stress in Human Chondrocytes." Molecular pharmacology 88,1 (2015 Jul): 113-20