Veronica Guadagni


University of Calgary




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Research Keywords

sleep neuroscience

Additional Information

Lab Methodologies

The central theme of my research focuses on investigating the effects of sleep, sleep-deprivation, and sleep disturbances on cognitive functioning and brain structure and function. During my Ph.D., I have investigated how sleep (and the lack thereof) affects the human ability to empathize with others and the way individuals process emotional stimuli, as well as the ability to orient in the environment. As a postdoctoral fellow I am investigating how a six month aerobic exercise intervention can improve elderly individuals’ cognitive ability, and the role of sleep quality as a mediator in this relationship. My methodological approach includes objective (actigraphy and polysomnography) and subjective (questionnaires) sleep quality measures, structural and functional neuroimaging techniques, and cortisol measures.

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Primary Role

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Healthy Brain Aging and Dementia

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Research collaboration

Most Cited Publications

Guadagni V, Burles F, Ferrara M, Iaria G, "The effects of sleep deprivation on emotional empathy." Journal of sleep research 23,6 (2014 Dec): 657-663
Mazza M, Tempesta D, Pino MC, Nigri A, Catalucci A, Guadagni V, Gallucci M, Iaria G, Ferrara M, "Neural activity related to cognitive and emotional empathy in post-traumatic stress disorder." Behavioural brain research 282, (2015 Apr 1): 37-45
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