Signe Bray


University of Calgary




[email protected]

Research Keywords

neuroimaging of brain development, developmental disorders (autism spectrum disorders, turner syndrome)

Most Cited Publications

Ramasubbu R, Konduru N, Cortese F, Bray S, Gaxiola-Valdez I, Goodyear B, "Reduced intrinsic connectivity of amygdala in adults with major depressive disorder." Frontiers in psychiatry 5, (2014): 17
Schuetze M, Park MT, Cho IY, MacMaster FP, Chakravarty MM, Bray SL, "Morphological Alterations in the Thalamus, Striatum, and Pallidum in Autism Spectrum Disorder." Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology 41,11 (2016 Oct): 2627-37
Bray S, Hirt M, Jo B, Hall SS, Lightbody AA, Walter E, Chen K, Patnaik S, Reiss AL, "Aberrant frontal lobe maturation in adolescents with fragile X syndrome is related to delayed cognitive maturation." Biological psychiatry 70,9 (2011 Nov 1): 852-8