Scott Wong


University of Lethbridge


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Accepting undergraduate students, Accepting postdoctoral fellows

Most Cited Publications

Wong SA, Thapa R, Badenhorst CA, Briggs AR, Sawada JA, Gruber AJ, "Opposing effects of acute and chronic d-amphetamine on decision-making in rats." Neuroscience 345, (2017 Mar 14): 218-228
Wong SA, Randolph SH, Ivan VE, Gruber AJ, "Acute Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol administration in female rats attenuates immediate responses following losses but not multi-trial reinforcement learning from wins." Behavioural brain research 335, (2017 Sep 29): 136-144
Thapa R, Donovan CH, Wong SA, Sutherland RJ, Gruber AJ, "Lesions of lateral habenula attenuate win-stay but not lose-shift responses in a competitive choice task." Neuroscience letters 692, (2019 Jan 23): 159-166