Robert McDonald


University of Lethbridge


[email protected]

Research Keywords

learning and memory in the mammalian brain (interactions, plasticity, etc.), effects of circadian dysfunction on brain and body functions (cognition, food metabolism, cancer), alternative models of the sporadic form of Alzheimer\'s Disease, role of orbitofrontal cortex in general anxiety disorder, effects of pubertal THC exposure on adult brain function

Most Cited Publications

Zelinski EL, Deibel SH, McDonald RJ, "The trouble with circadian clock dysfunction: multiple deleterious effects on the brain and body." Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews 40, (2014 Mar): 80-101
Koturbash I, Boyko A, Rodriguez-Juarez R, McDonald RJ, Tryndyak VP, Kovalchuk I, Pogribny IP, Kovalchuk O, "Role of epigenetic effectors in maintenance of the long-term persistent bystander effect in spleen in vivo." Carcinogenesis 28,8 (2007 Aug): 1831-8
White NM, Packard MG, McDonald RJ, "Dissociation of memory systems: The story unfolds." Behavioral neuroscience 127,6 (2013 Dec): 813-34