Robbin Gibb


University of Lethbridge




[email protected]

Research Keywords

Influence of Prenatal and Preconception Experience on Brain Development, Supporting Executive Function Development in Children, Epigenetic Changes Throughout the Lifespan Following Early Experience

Additional Information

Lab Methodologies
  • Golgi-Cox technique for non plastic embedded tissue
  • Animal MRI
  • Golgi-drawing and analyses
  • Western blot
  • Histology
  • Microcentrifuge
  • Cryostat
  • Animal and human MRI
  • Vibratomes
  • Tissue homogenizer
  • Western blot equipment
  • Microscopes fitted with camera lucida
  • Tissue viewers


Roles and Connections

Primary Role


CAN Connections

Healthy Brain Aging and Dementia, Nervous System Injury

Most Cited Publications

Gibb RL, Gonzalez CL, Wegenast W, Kolb BE, "Tactile stimulation promotes motor recovery following cortical injury in adult rats." Behavioural brain research 214,1 (2010 Dec 6): 102-7
Mychasiuk R, Schmold N, Ilnytskyy S, Kovalchuk O, Kolb B, Gibb R, "Prenatal bystander stress alters brain, behavior, and the epigenome of developing rat offspring." Developmental neuroscience 33,2 (2011): 159-69
Kolb B, Gibb R, "Tactile stimulation after frontal or parietal cortical injury in infant rats facilitates functional recovery and produces synaptic changes in adjacent cortex." Behavioural brain research 214,1 (2010 Dec 6): 115-20