Rajat Thapa


University of Lethbridge


[email protected]

Research Keywords

Reward, Addiction, Striatum, Depression

Most Cited Publications

Gruber AJ, Thapa R, "The Memory Trace Supporting Lose-Shift Responding Decays Rapidly after Reward Omission and Is Distinct from Other Learning Mechanisms in Rats." eNeuro 3,6 (2016 Nov-Dec):
Thapa R, Gruber AJ, "Lesions of ventrolateral striatum eliminate lose-shift but not win-stay behaviour in rats." Neurobiology of learning and memory 155, (2018 Nov): 446-451
Thapa R, Sparks FT, Hanif W, Gulbrandsen T, Sutherland RJ, "Recent memory for socially transmitted food preferences in rats does not depend on the hippocampus." Neurobiology of learning and memory 114, (2014 Oct): 113-6