Philip Barber


University of Calgary


[email protected]

Research Keywords

Dementia, Structural and quantitative MRI, Pre dementia and fluid biomarkers, Stroke/TIA, Reperfusion Injury, Neuroimaging of of stroke (CT,CTP, MRI)

Most Cited Publications

Barber PA, Rushforth D, Agrawal S, Tuor UI, "Infrared optical imaging of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) up regulation following ischemia reperfusion is ameliorated by hypothermia." BMC neuroscience 13, (2012 Jun 28): 76
Barber PA, Demchuk AM, Hirt L, Buchan AM, "Biochemistry of ischemic stroke." Advances in neurology 92, (2003): 151-64
Barber PA, Foniok T, Kirk D, Buchan AM, Laurent S, Boutry S, Muller RN, Hoyte L, Tomanek B, Tuor UI, "MR molecular imaging of early endothelial activation in focal ischemia." Annals of neurology 56,1 (2004 Jul): 116-20