Philip Barber


University of Calgary


[email protected]

Research Keywords

Dementia, Structural and quantitative MRI, Pre dementia and fluid biomarkers, Stroke/TIA, Reperfusion Injury, Neuroimaging of of stroke (CT,CTP, MRI)

Most Cited Publications

Ganesh A, Barber PA, "The Cognitive Sequelae of Transient Ischemic Attacks-Recent Insights and Future Directions." Journal of clinical medicine 11,9 (2022 May 7):
Barber PA, "Magnetic resonance imaging of ischemia viability thresholds and the neurovascular unit." Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) 13,6 (2013 May 27): 6981-7003
Schaeffer MJ, Chan L, Barber PA, "The neuroimaging of neurodegenerative and vascular disease in the secondary prevention of cognitive decline." Neural regeneration research 16,8 (2021 Aug): 1490-1499