Peter Smith


University of Alberta




[email protected]

Research Keywords

chronic pain, spinal cord, electrophysiology, neuroinflammation

Additional Information

Lab Methodologies
  • Single cell electrophysiology
  • Patch Clamp
  • Slice Patch
  • Behavioural studies
  • Primary neuronal Culture
  • Organotypic Culture


  • 5 electrophysiological recording systems (2 for CNS/spinal cord studies, 2 for studies of dissociated peripheral neurons)
  • Low stress animal behavioural suite and housing facility

Roles and Connections

Primary Role


CAN Connections

Nervous System Injury

Looking For

Accepting graduate students

Most Cited Publications

Alles SRA, Smith PA, "Etiology and Pharmacology of Neuropathic Pain." Pharmacological reviews 70,2 (2018 Apr): 315-347
Balasubramanyan S, Stemkowski PL, Stebbing MJ, Smith PA, "Sciatic chronic constriction injury produces cell-type-specific changes in the electrophysiological properties of rat substantia gelatinosa neurons." Journal of neurophysiology 96,2 (2006 Aug): 579-90
Lu VB, Biggs JE, Stebbing MJ, Balasubramanyan S, Todd KG, Lai AY, Colmers WF, Dawbarn D, Ballanyi K, Smith PA, "Brain-derived neurotrophic factor drives the changes in excitatory synaptic transmission in the rat superficial dorsal horn that follow sciatic nerve injury." The Journal of physiology 587,Pt 5 (2009 Mar 1): 1013-32