Ming Chan


University of Alberta




[email protected]

Research Keywords

Peripheral nerve injury, repair and regeneration, translational research

Additional Information

Lab Methodologies
  • Motor nerve number estimation
  • Quantitative sensory testing
  • Quantitative force platform
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation – paired pulse, repetitive TMS
  • Transcranial DC stimulation
  • Clinical electrophysiology testing
  • Threshold tracking for nerve excitability, ion channel function
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Novel therapeutic interventions (RCT) on patients with peripheral nerve injuries


  • Magstim Rapid for TMS
  • MUNE equipment (commercial and custom built)
  • Commercial EMG machines
  • QTrack for threshold tracking
  • Siemens ultrasound machine
  • CASE IV for quantitative sensory testing
  • Handheld strain gauges
  • Portable force platform
  • Magstim Bistim


Most Cited Publications

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