Majid Mohajerani


University of Lethbridge




[email protected]

Research Keywords

Neuronal dynamics, Sensory perception, Motor Control, Sensorimotor interaction, Memory and Learning, Structural and Functional Brain Mapping using Optical Imaging Techniques, Alzheimer disease, Optogenetic, Ischemic Stroke, Multi-unit electrophysiological recording

Additional Information

Lab Methodologies
  • Mesoscale optical imaging using protein based indicators such as (Voltage, Calcium and Glutamate)
  • In vivo Two Photon Imaging of neuronal structure-function
  • Whole Brain Imaging using Two-Photon Tomography
  • Optogenetic
  • In vivo High-Density Electrophysiological Recording
  • Behavioural Assessment


  • Two-Photon Microscopy
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Wide-field Voltage and Calcium Imaging
  • 128 Channels Electrophysiology amplifier
  • Lasers for optogenetics
Biographical Information

The main aim of Dr. Mohajerani’s research is to understand the activity of single and populations of neurons in cortex upon sensory stimulation and during motor behaviour, to uncover the neural correlates of perceptual decisions, to understand how the sensory system is wired up and how the brain repairs itself following injury such as stroke. Activity in the sensory system depends not only on sensory stimuli, but also on what the rest of the brain is doing. Accordingly, his main effort focuses on understanding how the sensory system integrates inputs from the periphery and higher centers such as the association cortices, hippocampus, and basal forebrain. Dr. Mohajerani uses a combination of experiment and computational analysis, working mostly in the mouse brain, with techniques such as optical imaging, multi-electrode recordings, optogenetics, and operant conditioning. He has an active program in mesoscale and cellular level activity optical imaging using genetically encoded reporters of neural activity and actively develops specialized genetic manipulations to create tools for his research.

Most Cited Publications

Mao D, Neumann AR, Sun J, Bonin V, Mohajerani MH, McNaughton BL, "Hippocampus-dependent emergence of spatial sequence coding in retrosplenial cortex." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115,31 (2018 Jul 31): 8015-8018
Mehla J, Lacoursiere SG, Lapointe V, McNaughton BL, Sutherland RJ, McDonald RJ, Mohajerani MH, "Age-dependent behavioral and biochemical characterization of single APP knock-in mouse (APPNL-G-F/NL-G-F) model of Alzheimer's disease." Neurobiology of aging 75, (2019 Mar): 25-37
Jafari Z, Kolb BE, Mohajerani MH, "Age-related hearing loss and tinnitus, dementia risk, and auditory amplification outcomes." Ageing research reviews 56, (2019 Dec): 100963