Katherine Aitchison


University of Alberta


[email protected]

Additional Information

Lab Methodologies
  • Drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters assay
  • Genotyping
  • Nucleic acide concentration and fragment size analysis
  • Automated data extraction
  • Pharmacoscan: 96 sample format


  • Qubit Fluorometer
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer
  • Affymetrics Micro Array
  • Biomek 4000 Automated Workstation, ViiA7 System
  • GeneTitan (owned by Agriculture)
  • Biobanking facility


Roles and Connections

Primary Role


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Most Cited Publications

Carvalho Henriques B, Yang EH, Lapetina D, Carr MS, Yavorskyy V, Hague J, Aitchison KJ, "How Can Drug Metabolism and Transporter Genetics Inform Psychotropic Prescribing?" Frontiers in genetics 11, (2020): 491895
Jiang S, Postovit L, Cattaneo A, Binder EB, Aitchison KJ, "Epigenetic Modifications in Stress Response Genes Associated With Childhood Trauma." Frontiers in psychiatry 10, (2019): 808
Kingston D, Mughal MK, Arshad M, Kovalchuk I, Metz GAS, Wynne-Edwards K, King S, Jiang S, Postovit L, Wajid A, McDonald S, Slater DM, Tough SC, Aitchison K, Arnold P, "Prediction and Understanding of Resilience in Albertan Families: Longitudinal Study of Disaster Responses (PURLS) - Protocol." Frontiers in psychiatry 10, (2019): 729