Jaret Olson


University of Alberta


[email protected]

Research Keywords

peripheral nerve regeneration

Roles and Connections

Primary Role


CAN Connections

Nervous System Injury

Most Cited Publications

Elzinga K, Tyreman N, Ladak A, Savaryn B, Olson J, Gordon T, "Brief electrical stimulation improves nerve regeneration after delayed repair in Sprague Dawley rats." Experimental neurology 269, (2015 Jul): 142-53
Wong JN, Olson JL, Morhart MJ, Chan KM, "Electrical stimulation enhances sensory recovery: a randomized controlled trial." Annals of neurology 77,6 (2015 Jun): 996-1006
Zuo KJ, Olson JL, "The evolution of functional hand replacement: From iron prostheses to hand transplantation." Plastic surgery (Oakville, Ont.) 22,1 (2014 Spring): 44-51