Jacqueline Hebert


University of Alberta




[email protected]

Research Keywords

Amputation, Sensory-motor restoration, advanced prosthetic technology

Roles and Connections

Primary Role


CAN Connections

Nervous System Injury

Looking For

Accepting graduate students, Accepting postdoctoral fellows

Most Cited Publications

Marasco PD, Hebert JS, Sensinger JW, Shell CE, Schofield JS, Thumser ZC, Nataraj R, Beckler DT, Dawson MR, Blustein DH, Gill S, Mensh BD, Granja-Vazquez R, Newcomb MD, Carey JP, Orzell BM, "Illusory movement perception improves motor control for prosthetic hands." Science translational medicine 10,432 (2018 Mar 14):
Schofield JS, Evans KR, Hebert JS, Marasco PD, Carey JP, "The effect of biomechanical variables on force sensitive resistor error: Implications for calibration and improved accuracy." Journal of biomechanics 49,5 (2016 Mar 21): 786-792
Hebert JS, Lewicke J, "Case report of modified Box and Blocks test with motion capture to measure prosthetic function." Journal of rehabilitation research and development 49,8 (2012): 1163-74