Ivor Cribben


University of Alberta




[email protected]

Research Keywords

Time series analysis, graphical models and high-dimensional statistical methods with application to neuroscience data, Neuroeconomics

Most Cited Publications

Cribben I, Wager TD, Lindquist MA, "Detecting functional connectivity change points for single-subject fMRI data." Frontiers in computational neuroscience 7, (2013): 143
Silverstone PH, Bercov M, Suen VY, Allen A, Cribben I, Goodrick J, Henry S, Pryce C, Langstraat P, Rittenbach K, Chakraborty S, Engels RC, McCabe C, "Initial Findings from a Novel School-Based Program, EMPATHY, Which May Help Reduce Depression and Suicidality in Youth." PloS one 10,5 (2015): e0125527
Brown MRG, Agyapong V, Greenshaw AJ, Cribben I, Brett-MacLean P, Drolet J, McDonald-Harker C, Omeje J, Mankowsi M, Noble S, Kitching D, Silverstone PH, "After the Fort McMurray wildfire there are significant increases in mental health symptoms in grade 7-12 students compared to controls." BMC psychiatry 19,1 (2019 Jan 10): 18