Helen Carlson


University of Calgary




[email protected]

Research Keywords

MRI, Stroke, Pediatric, Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS), Functional connectivity (rs-fMRI)

Roles and Connections

Primary Role


CAN Connections

Campus Alberta Neuroscience Imaging Consortium, Nervous System Injury

Most Cited Publications

Kirton A, Ciechanski P, Zewdie E, Andersen J, Nettel-Aguirre A, Carlson H, Carsolio L, Herrero M, Quigley J, Mineyko A, Hodge J, Hill M, "Transcranial direct current stimulation for children with perinatal stroke and hemiparesis." Neurology 88,3 (2017 Jan 17): 259-267
Kuczynski AM, Dukelow SP, Hodge JA, Carlson HL, Lebel C, Semrau JA, Kirton A, "Corticospinal tract diffusion properties and robotic visually guided reaching in children with hemiparetic cerebral palsy." Human brain mapping 39,3 (2018 Mar): 1130-1144
Kuczynski AM, Carlson HL, Lebel C, Hodge JA, Dukelow SP, Semrau JA, Kirton A, "Sensory tractography and robot-quantified proprioception in hemiparetic children with perinatal stroke." Human brain mapping 38,5 (2017 May): 2424-2440