Haley Vecchiarelli


University of Calgary


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Most Cited Publications

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VanRyzin JW, Marquardt AE, Argue KJ, Vecchiarelli HA, Ashton SE, Arambula SE, Hill MN, McCarthy MM, "Microglial Phagocytosis of Newborn Cells Is Induced by Endocannabinoids and Sculpts Sex Differences in Juvenile Rat Social Play." Neuron 102,2 (2019 Apr 17): 435-449.e6
Qin Z, Zhou X, Pandey NR, Vecchiarelli HA, Stewart CA, Zhang X, Lagace DC, Brunel JM, Béïque JC, Stewart AF, Hill MN, Chen HH, "Chronic stress induces anxiety via an amygdalar intracellular cascade that impairs endocannabinoid signaling." Neuron 85,6 (2015 Mar 18): 1319-31