Frank Jirik


University of Calgary


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Roles and Connections

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Multiple Sclerosis

Most Cited Publications

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Sarkar A, Chanda A, Regmi SC, Karve K, Deng L, Jay GD, Jirik FR, Schmidt TA, Bonni S, "Recombinant human PRG4 (rhPRG4) suppresses breast cancer cell invasion by inhibiting TGFβ-Hyaluronan-CD44 signalling pathway." PloS one 14,7 (2019): e0219697
Buie HR, Bosma NA, Downey CM, Jirik FR, Boyd SK, "Micro-CT evaluation of bone defects: applications to osteolytic bone metastases, bone cysts, and fracture." Medical engineering & physics 35,11 (2013 Nov): 1645-50