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University of Alberta


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Research Keywords

Spinal cord injury, in vivo microscopy, two-photon imaging, neuroplasticity, rehabilitation, spinal networks

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2009         Doctor of Philosophy, supervised by Dr. P. Ken Rose. Department of Physiology, Queen’s University, Kingston ON, Canada

2003         Bachelor of Science with specialization in Pharmacology, supervised by Dr. Vivian K. Mushahwar, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Canada


Professional Experience / Appointments

2021-present, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

2017-2021, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

2017-2021, Research Associate with Dr. John Misiaszek, University of Alberta, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

2013-2017, Post-doctoral fellow with Drs. Karim Fouad and Dave Bennett, University of Alberta, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. 

2010-2013, Post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Geneviève Rougon, CNRS Marseille, France, Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille.

2003-2009, Doctoral student with Dr. P. Ken Rose, Queen’s University, Department of Physiology.


2002-2003, Undergraduate research assistant with Dr. Vivian K. Muschahwar, University of Alberta, Department of Biomedical Engineering. 



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Intellectual property

·       Fenrich, K.K., Fouad, K. United States Patent Application Serial No. 15/523,866. Title: Systems and methods for behavioral and task training of laboratory animals. May 2, 2017

·       Fenrich, K.K. United States Patent Application Serial No. 15/962,958. Title Light Switch Adapter. April 25, 2018.

·       Fenrich, K.K. TASKR (Training Automation Software for Kinematics and Rehabilitation). (2014) Canadian Copyright Register. Registration number 1112882.

Most Cited Publications

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