Ehsan Misaghi


University of Alberta


[email protected]

Research Keywords

epilepsy, stroke, stuttering, speech motor control, neuroimaging, diffusion imaging, diffusion kurtosis imaging, diffusion tensor imaging

Most Cited Publications

Steve TA, Gargula J, Misaghi E, Nowacki TA, Schmitt LM, Wheatley BM, Gross DW, "Hippocampal subfield measurement and ILAE hippocampal sclerosis subtype classification with in vivo 4.7 tesla MRI." Epilepsy research 161, (2020 Mar): 106279
Misaghi E, Zhang Z, Gracco VL, De Nil LF, Beal DS, "White matter tractography of the neural network for speech-motor control in children who stutter." Neuroscience letters 668, (2018 Mar 6): 37-42
Gross DW, Misaghi E, Steve TA, Wilman AH, Beaulieu C, "Curved multiplanar reformatting provides improved visualization of hippocampal anatomy." Hippocampus 30,2 (2020 Feb): 156-161