Deryk Beal


University of Alberta




[email protected]

Research Keywords

sensory and motor systems, neuroimaging, speech-motor control, speech disorders & stuttering, brain development, apraxia of speech

Most Cited Publications

Beal DS, Gracco VL, Brettschneider J, Kroll RM, De Nil LF, "A voxel-based morphometry (VBM) analysis of regional grey and white matter volume abnormalities within the speech production network of children who stutter." Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior 49,8 (2013 Sep): 2151-61
Cai S, Tourville JA, Beal DS, Perkell JS, Guenther FH, Ghosh SS, "Diffusion imaging of cerebral white matter in persons who stutter: evidence for network-level anomalies." Frontiers in human neuroscience 8, (2014): 54
Cai S, Beal DS, Ghosh SS, Guenther FH, Perkell JS, "Impaired timing adjustments in response to time-varying auditory perturbation during connected speech production in persons who stutter." Brain and language 129, (2014 Feb): 24-9