David Gobbi


University of Calgary


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Campus Alberta Neuroscience Imaging Consortium

Most Cited Publications

Souza R, Lucena O, Garrafa J, Gobbi D, Saluzzi M, Appenzeller S, Rittner L, Frayne R, Lotufo R, "An open, multi-vendor, multi-field-strength brain MR dataset and analysis of publicly available skull stripping methods agreement." NeuroImage 170, (2018 Apr 15): 482-494
Clark DL, Johnson KA, Butson CR, Lebel C, Gobbi D, Ramasubbu R, Kiss ZHT, "Tract-based analysis of target engagement by subcallosal cingulate deep brain stimulation for treatment resistant depression." Brain stimulation 13,4 (2020 Jul - Aug): 1094-1101
Adair DSP, Gomes KS, Kiss ZHT, Gobbi DG, Starreveld YP, "Tactics: an open-source platform for planning, simulating and validating stereotactic surgery." Computer assisted surgery (Abingdon, England) 25,1 (2020 Dec): 1-14