Catherine Lebel


University of Calgary


[email protected]

Research Keywords

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), brain development, language, reading, prenatal alcohol exposure

Most Cited Publications

Lebel C, Treit S, Beaulieu C, "A review of diffusion MRI of typical white matter development from early childhood to young adulthood." NMR in biomedicine 32,4 (2019 Apr): e3778
Lebel C, Walton M, Letourneau N, Giesbrecht GF, Kaplan BJ, Dewey D, "Prepartum and Postpartum Maternal Depressive Symptoms Are Related to Children's Brain Structure in Preschool." Biological psychiatry 80,11 (2016 Dec 1): 859-868
Lebel C, Deoni S, "The development of brain white matter microstructure." NeuroImage 182, (2018 Nov 15): 207-218