Ana Klahr


University of Alberta


[email protected]

Most Cited Publications

Gioia L, Klahr A, Kate M, Buck B, Dowlatshahi D, Jeerakathil T, Emery D, Butcher K, "The intracerebral hemorrhage acutely decreasing arterial pressure trial II (ICH ADAPT II) protocol." BMC neurology 17,1 (2017 May 19): 100
Klahr AC, Nadeau CA, Colbourne F, "Temperature Control in Rodent Neuroprotection Studies: Methods and Challenges." Therapeutic hypothermia and temperature management 7,1 (2017 Mar): 42-49
Klahr AC, Kate M, Kosior J, Buck B, Shuaib A, Emery D, Butcher K, "Early hematoma retraction in intracerebral hemorrhage is uncommon and does not predict outcome." PloS one 13,10 (2018): e0205436