Amanda Tyndall


University of Calgary


[email protected]

Research Keywords

Genetics, Healthy brain aging, Cognition, Cerebrovascular physiology

Roles and Connections

Primary Role


CAN Connections

Healthy Brain Aging and Dementia

Looking For

Accepting graduate students, Accepting postdoctoral fellows

Most Cited Publications

Tyndall AV, Davenport MH, Wilson BJ, Burek GM, Arsenault-Lapierre G, Haley E, Eskes GA, Friedenreich CM, Hill MD, Hogan DB, Longman RS, Anderson TJ, Leigh R, Smith EE, Poulin MJ, "The brain-in-motion study: effect of a 6-month aerobic exercise intervention on cerebrovascular regulation and cognitive function in older adults." BMC geriatrics 13, (2013 Feb 28): 21
Drogos LL, Gill SJ, Tyndall AV, Raneri JK, Parboosingh JS, Naef A, Guild KD, Eskes G, Hanly PJ, Poulin MJ, "Evidence of association between sleep quality and APOE ε4 in healthy older adults: A pilot study." Neurology 87,17 (2016 Oct 25): 1836-1842
Ishigami Y, Eskes GA, Tyndall AV, Longman RS, Drogos LL, Poulin MJ, "The Attention Network Test-Interaction (ANT-I): reliability and validity in healthy older adults." Experimental brain research 234,3 (2016 Mar): 815-27