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The CAN Membership Directory is a public database of neuroscience and mental health researchers across Alberta and Canada.
You can search by person, research topic or CAN committee.

The purpose of membership in Campus Alberta Neuroscience (CAN) is to contribute to and receive the benefits from the work of CAN in achieving its goals. The primary goal is to increase the impact of Alberta neuroscience and mental health research, education, and translation.

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Membership provides access to the following benefits:
  • Campus Alberta Neuroscience events, resources, grants and programs
  • Collaborative opportunities and partnerships
  • Discounts at events and symposia
  • Current information in Alberta neuroscience and mental health
  • Member profile on the CAN Membership Directory, a public database of neuroscience and mental health researchers across Alberta.
Membership is automatic for individuals meeting the criteria below:
  1. Neuroscience and mental health investigators
  2. Neuroscience and mental health students and trainees
  3. Neuroscience and mental health research staff
    • All categories must be at the Universities of Alberta, Calgary and Lethbridge and other relevant Alberta institutions (subject to Campus Alberta Neuroscience approval), including Alberta Health Services, MacEwan University and Mount Royal University
    • Investigators must have a current, full-time continuing academic (Assistant, Associate or Full professor; Adjunct will be considered) or clinical appointment at one of the affiliated Alberta institutions
    • Eligible trainees include: Undergraduate and Graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows registered full-time in an affiliated Alberta institution in a health sciences discipline
    • Research staff must be in neuroscience and/or mental health research/education under the supervision of a full-time, continuing academic investigator who holds an appointment at one of the affiliated Alberta institutions


Consultation Program

The goal of the CAN Entrepreneur Consultation Program is to bridge the gap between research, enterprise and translation. Connect with us for a consultation to better connect you to resources in your area.

There is a thriving entrepreneur culture in Neuroscience across the province. However, there exists a challenge of both knowledge and awareness of how to launch new companies and succeed in this competitive environment.

The goal of the CAN Entrepreneur Consultation Program is to bridge the gap between research, commercialization and translation. The aim is to ensure that each neuroscientist has access to the plethora of resources available within the province. CAN will seek to build collaboration between researchers and companies and organizations, while providing education alongside this program with a series of entrepreneur focused workshops.

This could include support with business plan development, legal and intellectual property advice, financing, or a myriad of other aspects. The program will not provide direct funding from CAN or angel investors but, rather, acts as a catalyst to connect neuroscience entrepreneurs with commercialization resources, contacts and information.

Entrepreneurs will have access to:

  • A free 1-hour consultation
  • A targeted and individual assessment of needs
  • A plan for moving their innovation forward
  • Connections to organizations, people and areas of exploration

To submit a application for consultation please fill out this form.

Elevator Pitch

The CAN Elevator Pitch is an opportunity to promote your company or innovation within the broader Alberta neuroscience and entrepreneurial network by developing a short, written pitch to be published in the CAN newsletter alongside our social media platforms.

Having a solid elevator pitch is a necessary communication tool, regardless of whether you are networking, trying to attract investors or marketing your product.

If you want to get the word out and advertise or are searching for advice, collaborators or investors, you will benefit from this easy and simple opportunity to connect. In each newsletter, CAN will feature elevator pitches submitted by Alberta neuroscience entrepreneurs and researchers. In 300 words or less, you will give a short overview your product or company and, if you choose, you can reach out to the community about career or trainee opportunities, collaborator interest or other external help. The pitch must be relevant to the neuroscience community and come from an Alberta-based researcher/entrepreneur.

The elevator pitch is meant to help grow and strengthen the Alberta neuroscience entrepreneurial network, while also showcasing much of the work underway across the province.

Interested in sharing your story and highlighting your product or company? Fill out this form and send it to us via email at, with ‘Elevator Pitch’ in the subject line.


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