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The Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta presents the 40th Annual Distinguished Lecturer Series

“How we remember: Brain mechanisms of episodic memory”

Dr. Michael Hasselmo,

Director of the Center for Systems Neuroscience, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

   and the Graduate Program for Neuroscience Boston University http://www.bu.edu/hasselmo/


The Distinguished Lecturer Series is designed to showcase a prominent scientist who is studying a relevant and topical problem in behavioural and/or neural sciences and it is organized as three separate lectures across three days.


Each individual lecture will be held in Natural Resources Engineering building 2-003 (NRE 2-003) at 3:30PM.

                October 18 (Weds): “Neural coding of space and time for episodic memory”

                October 19 (Thurs): “Cholinergic neuromodulation and episodic memory”

                October 20 (Fri): “A model of episodic memory”


Prof. Hasselmo, who is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and who also received the 2015 Hebb Award from the International Neural Network Society, is interested in medial temporal lobe memory circuits and the relevance of oscillatory activity, but also neuromodulation, to the specific forms of memory subserved by these circuits.  His studies involve multiple levels of investigation including both behaviour and neurophysiology (and their combinations) in both humans and animals, as well as computational modeling of both oscillatory processes and their relevance to the neurobiology of memory.


Everyone is welcome to any and all of these lectures.

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