Campus Alberta Neuroscience (CAN) was developed to increase the connectedness, scope, scale, success and impact of neuroscience and mental health research, education and translation in Alberta. This page contains links to a number of modern Communication, Software, Hardware, Institutional Software, and Learning tools to support labs across the province. Please contact us to share additional resources that have been a benefit to your lab.


Communication resources for organizing projects, files, and teams.

Lab Management

Project management tools including Asana and Trello focus on rich task management features- these are well-applied to complex projects in an academic environment. Using a project management and project messaging tool concurrently will handle both lab task tracking and day-to-day communications.

Online Meetings

Online team meeting tools are especially useful for collaborative but geographically diverse projects– well worth mentioning in Alberta’s collaborative neuroscience environment. GoToMeeting and WebEx are considered enterprise-level standards, and excellent alternatives such as are available.

Team Communication

Based on our townhall meetings with PI’s, technicians, postdocs, and trainees, the most favoured communication media for neuroscientists across Alberta are text message, email, and face-to-face meetings. Slack, Bitrix24, and HipChat are three similar apps that allow labs to communicate, track, and organize projects, whether on computers, mobile devices, or both.


Resources centered on improving lab apparatus.

Utility Apps

Ninite offers a fast, free way of quickly setting up and enhancing computing resources in the lab. Our set of recommended apps can be downloaded here (clicking the link will take you to our setup and start the download in a new tab)

Image & Document Prep

Adobe’s Creative Cloud software is the industry standard software for photo editing and PDF preparation. An academic discount is available. While free software such as Paint.NET and Acrobat PDF Reader are readily available, no comparable program offers the same level of utility and community support.

Writing & Presentations

Microsoft’s Home Use Program allows you to purchase a low-cost ($13) version of Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other programs).


Resources centered on improving lab apparatus.

Graphics Cards

NVidia offers a number of programs (including PhD Fellowships) to support academic computing. Their GPU grant program allows labs to acquire a high-end graphics card at no cost.

Institutional Software Licenses

Software licenses available online for students & academic staff.

University of Alberta OnTheHub

The UofA OnTheHub store includes products at a greatly reduced cost for academics- notably, Windows 10, SAS, Stata, MATLAB, and Reference Manager.

University of Calgary OnTheHub

(The University of Calgary OnTheHub Store includes software such as SPSS, Windows 10, Parallels, EndNote, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

University of Lethbridge OnTheHub

The University of Lethbridge Online Store includes software such as SPSS, Systat, EndNote, Parallels, and Adobe Cloud (free-of-charge).


Online learning resources


Lynda is an online, subscription, video-based site for learning practical skills (e.g. learning how to use Office).


Coursera is a platform offering diverse online courses from universities such as Johns Hopkins, MIT, and the University of Alberta.


Udacity offers courses developing programming skills for real-world applications, including topics such as machine learning and data mining.